Supremo coffee beans 1000 g

Blend composed of the finest varieties of coffee from Brazil, India and Guatemala according to the original recipe of “Neapolitan Espresso” guaranteed by the skilful roasting process whose aftertaste offers a balance of sweet flavor and full body.

BLEND : TOP ARABICA/India Washed Robusta
Origin : Brasil Santos Gourmet plantation – Guatemala Arabica Gourmet – India Washed Robusta

Roasting: Dark Brown “monk’s robe”
Aroma : Rich – Persistent
Body: Full
Taste: Dense

Packaging classification

Nr. Conf.666
Peso Lordo6,6 Kg455,6 Kg
Peso Netto6 Kg396Kg
Dimensions17,5 x 48 x 28,3120 x 80 x 208

Available with or without accessories

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