Everything starts with the raw material

Caffè Tico uses only mature drupes harvested by hand from plants grown between 1100 and 2000 meters.
Greater thermal security allows a slow ripening of the berries giving them greater sweetness. The Fazende chosen by Tico are certified Rainforest/Utz and they are organic (with respect for the environment).

The origin of our caffè

Caffè Tico has always offered its customers selected blends, made from coffee coming exclu­sively from the best harvests.
Coffee-producing countries are located in areas between the two tropics where the weather is warm and humid.
They can be grouped into 4 geo­graphical areas:

  • South America
  • Central America
  • Africa
  • Asia

The large quantity of green coffee produced in different geograph­ical areas has increasingly led Caffè Tico to differentiate itself by seeking the highest quality in the selection of raw material.

The philosophy of Caffè Tico, a company with a long history of research and innovation, can be expressed in the intent to de­light every single consumer with an excellent coffee. The commit­ment of all the Tico staff in differ­entiating the culture of espresso and the desire to offer an impec­cable product have not changed over time. This is the reason why today you can taste in every Tico sales point the pleasure of an extraordinary espresso that in­volves all the senses. In its many years of activity, Caffè Tico has always made a careful selection of its blends composed of coffee coming exclusively from the best harvests and then blended in a skilful combination.

Characteristics of our

In the mountains and in the extensive Brazilian highlands are cultivated mainly different varieties of Arabica. Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, offers a wide range of growing conditions for coffee plants, from the humid rainforests of the Amazon to the mountain forests. As a result, beans of the same variety also have a different taste when harvested in different areas.
In the south-east of the country, the most valuable varieties of Bourbon are cultivated for several years. The delicate and subtle aromas of spices and vanilla have made this bean particularly appreciated and sought after by Caffè Tico, making our coffee very aromatic full-bodied and tasty.